The Fusion Marketing Bible

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Book: The Fusion Marketing Bible
Author: Lon Safko

Release Year: 2012

Book Summary
The book explains how to “fuse” marketing tools and tactics into a single and powerful strategy to tilt the competitive advantage to your favor.

Explains about traditional marketing, and combine it with social media and digital marketing to reach more customers within your budget.

My Thoughts
The book showed me a different side of marketing which I never knew about it before. I do have the very basic marketing knowledge, but it’s more of traditional marketing. Way before social media even come along. Social media wasn’t the in thing back then when I was still studying marketing. Thus I have no idea that fusing both traditional and social media marketing could create something new.

I borrowed this book from the local library, wanting to learn and improve on marketing for my business. This book showed me another perspective where I could market my retail and services for my customers.

Would I recommend this book? Definitely especially for those who are keen to start their own business. This book is definitely a must as it teaches you how to market yourself to the masses.

My ratings: 4/5


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