Beauty and the Beast

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Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Release Year: 2017

Director: Bill Condon
Casts: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson,

Genre: Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance

Disney’s classic animation took to the big screen in a musical movie form. A young prince was cursed to be in a form of a beast till his true love comes. As the clock ticks, the rose petal falls, time is running out for the prince and his subjects in the castle. When Belle took her father’s place as prisoner, Beast’s heart opens when they spent the time together. As time pass, Beast found himself falling in love with Belle.

My Thoughts
I have never watch the animated version but I do love the theme song. The reason I watch this movie is due to Emma Watson. And I do love Disney’s movie so this movie is a must watch.

First of all, I am impressed at Disney’s attempt in making Beauty and the Beast a musical movie. I like how the portray the subjects, especially Mrs Chip and Lumiere. My favorite scene is where Beast were made to invite Belle for dinner by his subjects. Although unwilling, he listened to his subjects requests.

Before watching the movie, there’s a lot of discussions going on about the gay character, Le Fou. Honestly speaking, after watching the movie, I don’t see any obvious scene of promoting gay. It’s just a normal sing and dance session in a bar. I have no idea what’s all the fuss is about.

Will I recommend this movie? Definitely! It’s Disney, it’s Beauty and the Beast and it’s musical!

My ratings: 4.5/5


2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. We watched the animated version many times before (childhood movie it was for us) and we cannot wait to watch this!! We were also intrigued by this not only because it was a movie adaptation of our childhood animation but, also because Emma Watson was casted as Belle! 😄


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