Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

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Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Release Year: 2016

Director: David Yates
Writer: J.K Rowling
Casts: Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, Dan Fogler, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol

Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Newt Scamander, a young wizard from British is fond of magical creature. He made his way to America in a quest to Arizona. Carrying his suitcase full of magical creature, Newt found himself in an adventure he could never imagine himself to be in. Together with his new found friend, Tina, Queenie and Jacob, they are on a mission to save the wizarding and no-maj world.

My Thoughts
I’m a fan of the wizarding world written by J.K Rowling. Have been following all the Harry Potter series, both books and movies, this is definitely a must on my list.

I would say this is my most favorite movie among all that is related to Harry Potter. Reason being that it features a lot of magical creatures! I realised that I am more like Newt Scamander, animals fascinate me. So yes, this is my favorite movie. And I even have my favorite magical creature from this movie!

I love how J.K Rowling managed to write a story for the movie. The book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is just a list of magical creatures and descriptions of them. So there is no story plot to it. That is why I am amazed how J.K Rowling can write out such an amazing movie.

Will I recommend this movie? Yes! Definitely! If you are not a fan of Harry Potter, maybe give this a try and you might like the wizarding world. Who can say no to cute magical creature?

My ratings: 4/5


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