Letters to God

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Movie: Letters to God
Release Year: 2010

Directors: David Nixon, Patrick Doughtie
Casts: Lisa Curtis, Christopher Schmidt, Lyanna Tumaneng, Tanner Maguire, Ralph Waite, Dennis Neal

Genre: Drama, Family

A young boy fighting cancer wrote letters to God about his thoughts and prayers. This touches the lives in his neighborhood and community. Inspiring many that he made contact with. A substitute postman who was assigned to his house’s route, happened to come across the boy’s letter to God. After reading the letter, the postman got inspired to seek a better life for himself and reconcile with his son that he lost through his alcohol addiction.

My Thoughts
I do have a very close grandaunt who lost the battle with cancer and I understand how much pain family members feel. This entire movie set me into thinking, if I were Tyler, would I be as brave as he was? Or will I be as brave as his mother and brother was?

I have to admit, I don’t have a very strong faith in religion. I stopped going to church due to work commitment. I work in the service line and have to work on weekends. There’s no church service during the weekdays. Excuses, I know. But I am amaze at how strong the faith and believe Tyler has for God. It made me ashamed as an adult for nothing having trust and faith in my own religion.

Despite his illness, he stood strong for people around him. He was so optimistic and positive. Kind, caring and forgiving. I probably wouldn’t have the same courage as he does. After watching this movie, it got me thinking to how fragile one live can be. So cherish it and the moments you have with your love ones. You will never know what might happen in the future.

Will I recommend this movie? Yes, definitely. But do prepare tissues, it made me cry buckets.

My ratings: 4.5/5


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