Build Your Own Brand

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Book: Build Your Own Brand
Author: Doug Dvorak

Published Year: 2013
Genre: Business

Thinking about starting your own business? This book teaches you the basic of building your own brand and what to look out for. It comes with layman’s guide to marketing strategy tactic used by professional PR firms and publicists. The author guides you to create an image that stands out in a sea of competition with a step by step guide for easy understanding.

My Thoughts
Got this as a gift. I am new to starting my own business and this book comes in handy. Honestly speaking, I have learnt a lot from this book about branding myself as a brand for my business.

It showed me how important it is that I present myself to my customers. I can be my own brand for my business. Not only building my brand, I have learnt how to be my own PR firm too. To me, this book is more than just teaching you how to build a brand. I am thankful to receive this as a gift. It did helped me understand where I should improve or what I should do in order to make my brand stand out more among my competitors.

Will I recommend this book? Definitely, especially to startups and entrepreneurs. Newbies like me will benefit alot from this book.

My ratings: 4/5


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