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Movie: Passengers
Release Year: 2016

Director: Morten Tyldum
Casts: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

Jim Preston, boarded a starship for a journey of 120 years towards a new planet to call home. However, he got woken up from hibernation 90 years too early due to a malfunction error to his pod. Jim found himself a friend, Aurora, who was awake too. As they live their lives on board the starship with each other as company, they soon fell in love. Time went by, both Jim and Aurora realised their ship is in grave danger. With the lives of 5000 other passengers, they knew they had to do something to save them.

My Thoughts
Sci-fi movie isn’t something I would like to watch. However, since I saw the trailer for Passengers, I was intrigued and wanted to know more. And yes, finally I watched the movie and it’s kind of amazing actually.

I would have freaked out like Jim and Aurora when I wake up to find that I’m the only one. In fact, I wouldn’t be handling the situation as good as them. Maybe it will take awhile for me to settle down and realised I could do so much on the ship. Like strolling the entire place naked like Jim did. I definitely love the basketball court and swimming pool the best. It would be my frequent place to visit.

OK, back to the movie. I love the visuals and of course the realism that the movie has. Everything is base on reality and how one would feel waking up to an empty ship. However, it does make me feel that the movie is like a human version of Wall-E, except with different plot. Leaving earth on a space ship with all the facilities available, except their mission was different. It’s interesting in it’s own way where two humans have to figure out how to live on the starship as the only one alive.

Would I recommend this movie? Yup, for those Sci-Fi fanatic, this is a must watch.

My ratings: 3/5


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